Thursday, January 3, 2008

Needle Felted Chili Pepper Mini Tutorial

1. My felting needles
2. Piece of Core Wool
3. Core Wool after Carding with #6
4. Chili taking shape (Felted with size 36T)
5. Firmly felted chili (felted with size 38S & 40T double needle)
6. My carding combs
7. Red Roving
8. Carded Red Roving
9. Red wool being added to Chili
10. 3 finished Chilis
11. Rovings used for the Chili's

1 comment:

Attiq Ur Rehman said...

This tutorial is explaining how to work on the needle felted chili pepper. I really thankful for your effort. Keep it up...!
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