Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Little Needle Felted Dolls

I have been making some new little dolls. They are a variation of the little Holy Family Dolls I designed for an on-line class I taught for a while. These are all 4 inches or under & have jointed head & arms. They are all needle felted with Merino Wool. They work well for miniature displays or for story telling time. I hope to make a whole series of different ones. So far I have made A little Witchy Poo with a tiny pumpkin & 3 Father Christmas dolls that some say look like wizards.

You can find some of these little dolls listed in my ETSY Shop and more will be added soon. If there are any special topic Little Dolls you would be interested in, let me know. Orders are always welcome.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Second Topsy Turvy Doll added to my Etsy Shop

I just finished my second needle felted Topsy Turvy Doll. I call this one "Best Buddies" because one side is a golly & the other is a bear...of course they are best buddies!!!
This doll is 5 inches tall, and the golly has violet eyes & blouse and both sides of the skirt have embroidered violet flowers. The bear buddy is Chestnut Merino wool. All features are needle felted. The skirt is vintage muslin feed bag, that I stained to look old with black walnut stain I make from the hull by boiling in water (I use this stain on lots of my baskets). This doll is now listed in my ETSY Shop

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New things in My Etsy Shop

Well the weekend show is over & was a huge success, and now I have put some new things in my ETSY Shop
The newest purses seen in posts below are there along with the wreath & monster. Today I finished a couple of Prim Style Dolls & they are there also.
Prim Rose & Topsy Turvy Milk Maid & her Cow

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Monster in the Pumpkin Patch

OK sometimes I just do funny felties, and this one definitely fits that catagory.
This is the monster that lives in the pumpkin patch.