Friday, July 20, 2007

How I spent my Summer Vacation

I left on July 11th on Greyhound & arrived in San Antonio, Texas on July 12. My son Jeremy picked me up & my luggage was missing. We went to Jeremy & JoJo's new home about 45 minutes outside of San Antonio, and I finally got to meet my new Foster Grand Daughter Evie. Ohhh she is soooo sweet!!! She is a little clown and for the most part a very happy little 17month old. She was cutting teeth (5 came thru all at once) so she was a little grumpy because of that, but who wouldn't be!!!

On Friday morning we drove into San Antonio back to the bus terminal because they had found my luggage finally. My son had bought me an outfit the day before, so I had something to wear to go out to dinner that night, other than the clothes I had worn for the trip. He also loaned me a t-shirt to wear for a night

Friday night we went to JoJo's folks house for a fish fry & swim in their pool. Evie loves the water & is like a little mermaid. Gramma sure had fun swimming with her:)

Saturday afternoon we went back to JoJo's folks house & many of her family & friends were there for a huge feast. Rib Eye Steaks, Grilled Shrimp & Ribs & salads & watermelon. JoJo's dad just loves to BBQ, and he is good at it!!!!

We spent Sunday & Monday at Port Aransas , an island paradise tucked away on Mustang Island off the Texas Gulf Coast. This is a blurb from the Chanber of commerce about it:

Enjoy 18 miles of uncrowded, unspoiled beach on this part of the world's longest barrier island, and one of only three in the United States you can still drive on with street legal vehicles and all things beachy. The beaches are great for shelling, strolling, sunning, playing and family fun!

A popular year-round attraction, area beaches and inland waterways offer some of the best water sport activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, surfing and more. Soak up the natural serenity or take it to extremes in the surf and seas.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel called Beachgate,

that is just a few hundred yards from the beach.

This is the view from the balcony on the 3rd floor of the hotel where our room was.

We spend a couple of hours playing in the sand & water.

We had a wonderful time & did some sight seeing on Mustang Island & Padre Island.

I got to feed the sea gulls, and there were tons of birds around, terns & sand cranes & pelicans who were diving into the water for fish.

This is the USS Lexington.

Where JoJo went to school

Misty & Van Helsing
the kids new home
Got home Wed hour late...and missing luggage again...Greyhound is a place to never check in your luggage...take only carry on!!! Ohh and the people you meet...while traveling this way...interesting mix!!!I spent 6 hours in the Albuquerque bus station Wed...due to lost luggage, 5 hour lay over that turned into 6 & nasty, unhelpful employees, and still no sign of my luggage!!! You would be amazed at how many people can't find their luggage...a 21 year old headed for Colorado...lost all his camping gear...a 30 year old tattoed guy...who was headed for Butte Montana...because his 10 year old son had been in a car accident lost all his luggage...sad sad sad...
OK...enough for now...putting these pictures here is a royal pain....
Hope you enjoy my pictures & story!
I am so in love with Evie & miss that little one very very much...Jeremy & JoJo were such wonderful hosts to mom/gramma...I really had a wonderful visit...but the stupid stuff was a pain!

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