Sunday, July 29, 2007

Needle Felted African Grey

Here is my attempt at needle felting an African Grey. I had a wonderful model for making this one. Peaches, who belongs to a friend in Florida. I spent many many hours on this little fellow & he is now available in my Etsy Shop


Angie said...

Charlotte-Love your African Grey! Love your angels too. Wonderful, primitive design. I craft in many different ways but basket weaving is one thing I have yet to try. I really want to, though and appreciate your small baskets. Lovely. I'll come back to your blog. Take care-Angie in WA
ps-I found you via the Needle Felting chat board!

Paulie von Beaker said...

I didn't see your African Grey in your shop, I was wondering if it was still available?

Thanks so much! You do really wonderful work. :)